Health Tech has been growing across the UK healthcare system for some time - both in the NHS and the independent sector. Even before the Covid pandemic, there has been a need to save costs and improve the quality of care as the demand in the system increases as the population ages and grows. Whilst there are good examples of the use of tech, the pace of change has frustrated many - caused in part by a general inability to focus on longer term investment. 

Covid has, arguably for the first time, made widespread Health Tech investment an immediate necessity. In the past two weeks alone, we have seen the large tech companies support DHSC and wider government to help to track the spread of the virus and support those in need. Just last week, an accelerated procurement process for online triage and video consultations. Purchasers and providers will need to carefully consider the contract terms, including information governance/data protection requirements. Public procurement law will also be relevant, although exemptions may apply if the procurement is urgent. Whilst these investments have been expedited by Covid, their impact could contribute towards a longer term modernization of the NHS and independent healthcare throughout the UK for years to come.