COVID 19 has had an unprecedented impact on transport passenger providers.  With legislation and guidance on social distancing and isolation, passenger numbers are at a record low. However, life must go on and transport services for key worker passengers in particular must continue.

Go2 has commenced a trial where seven fixed bus routes operated by Go Coach in Sevenoaks are to be replaced with on-demand services powered by ViaVan. The service running for key workers will allow them to track bus movements and pick up times and request a pick up within 30 minutes.

Demand responsive transport is usually aimed at complementing current infrastructure. However, as with many other things the pandemic has changed the profile of public transport dramatically. This trial has been quickly introduced to respond to the issue of reduction in passenger numbers and the vital nature of continuing to provide services for keyworkers.  In doing so, it demonstrates the flexibility and efficiency benefits that are characteristic of demand responsive transport in even the most exceptional of circumstances.