Since the Climate Change Committee's Report and the Government's Net Zero target there has been wide acceptance that we will need hydrogen whether as a fuel for our trains, lorries, for the production of energy, for our industries and refineries or for heat.  Even better if that hydrogen can be produced in large quantities from renewable energy sooner rather than later.  Renewable hydrogen is key to decarbonised fuel and heat but its production from renewables is also important if we are to maximise all the benefit from the gigawatts of wind and other renewables we expect to come on stream in the coming decades.  

How quickly the UK can grasp the opportunities which hydrogen presents both as a decarbonization tool and in terms of jobs and technology, is surely going to depend on the levers used to drive demand.  We need to stimulate and support the early stage projects whether they  are blue or green/renewable hydrogen, but alongside that there ought to be clear signals early on that promote the use of hydrogen.  Law can and I am sure will, play a role in this, whether it is the "stick" or the regulation implementing incentives/benefits.  

There is a great opportunity here but to capture it early on, we need to make sure we are marrying any measures to promote production with equivalent or even enhanced measures to promote demand. 

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