Anyone in the onshore wind and solar sector will be aware that Ofgem ROC and FIT audits are not letting up.

We have now helped quite a number of clients in dealing with the findings of audits and the presentation of evidence as well as the legal rights associated with ROC suspension and queries over historic commissioning dates. Presenting the complete case is both helpful for Ofgem in considering its ultimate actions and helpful for the generator in countering any adverse findings from the audit.

It may be an obvious but I will say it anyway;

- These audits need to be taken seriously. 

- It is important to provide the clarity to Ofgem that they need.  But... Ofgem does have to operate within the powers it is given.   

- Audits take place at a point in time and if the wrong information is provided to the auditor it can lead to wrong conclusions and can set hares running  

- Taking early advice if action is threatened, can prove to be a very good business decision.