This article from the BBC reporting on the 10 golden rules for tree planting is worth a read.  The rules apply globally but of course, the UK has set itself ambitious targets for planting trees as part of the Net Zero strategy.

But as the headline says, planting trees is highly complex.  In one of our first Net Zero roundtables on land use and agriculture we gathered together key figures in the sector including the Committee on Climate Change, to discuss what would be needed from their area and what some of the challenges will be, with the aim of pulling this together into a pan sector set of issues and solutions.  A number of the issues raised related to tree planting and the concerns that a headlong rush to plant could prejudice better and more appropriate land uses, as well as less credible suppliers and schemes.  As the article says, the planting the wrong tree in the wrong place does more damage than good and we need a land use strategy for Net Zero across the UK.

We have been advising and setting up a number of schemes to facilitate tree planting for those looking to offset their residual emissions as well as biodiversity schemes which are in their early stages.  The rules and verifications  around the schemes, are highly complex and in some cases still developing.  It is crucial for the supply chain, landowners and those signing up to these contracts to consider the obligations carefully.  Check that any intermediary or scheme you are talking to really understand the codes etc. (eg the Woodland Carbon Code)  and probably even more importantly, does the landowner who, after all, will be at the heart of the planting scheme.  Turning land over to forestry is a long term strategy and obligation.  It is essential, but comes with a fair number of duties.  Get proper advice whoever you are in the chain.