Not long to wait now until the release of FIDIC's second edition Green Book. 

The Green Book is a short form construction contract used for smaller value works; although contributors to and commentators on FIDIC recommend that it is used on projects with contracts of up to $10M in value (and it has been used considerably on contracts in excess of that value).

The new second edition is twice the length of the first edition but remains short and "snappy" at around 25 pages in length.  Some welcome additions on testing and commissioning / take over, defects, limits on liability, indemnities and a few other areas means lawyers will need to do less "gap filling".  It's genuinely always a good contract to think about using on new projects.

It will be interesting to see how it stands up to the increased level of disputes in the construction industry at the moment, particularly noting the reports of a new default contractor entitlement to prolongation costs (on top of "Costs" / "Costs plus Profit") in the event of the contractor's entitlement to time and money.

More FIDIC contracts are on the way and we will be flagging these as they come to market