A Premises Licence has been revoked this week by Southampton City Council's Licensing Sub-Committee following a breach of the Coronavirus regulations and subsequent review of the Premises Licence. 

Fifteen people were found to be drinking at the bar of the premises in November last year (when licensed premises were unable to open to the public).

The Sub-Committee was concerned that this was a very serious incident, which breached the Coronavirus regulations, which in turn impinged on the licensing objectives of the prevention of crime and disorder and public safety.  They were also concerned at the apparent lack of concern shown by the designated premises supervisor (DPS) and Premises License Holder in view of the current pandemic and the period of lockdown. 

The Sub-Committee concluded that revoking the Premises Licence was the only proportionate response.

This case highlights the serious detrimental effect that non-compliance with the Coronavirus regulations pose to licensed premises and the importance of keeping aware of, and in compliance with, this ever-changing regulatory landscape.  

Burges Salmon is able to advise on all issues affecting Licensed premises, including compliance with Coronavirus rules and regulations and the impact of this on licensed operations.  For further information please contact Joanne Attwood, Head of Licensing.