As the National Policy Statements (NPS) underpin decision-making for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs), their currency is a critical issue for new infrastructure projects.  In the energy context not only does the Government see a role for infrastructure to ‘build back better, support green jobs and accelerate our path to net zero’ , but robust and up-to-date NPSs support timely examination and decision-making which are key objectives for Project Speed.

At Waterfront’s virtual Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects Forum today I gave an update on recent NSIP decisions, the impact of changing and international climate change policy and obligations and the impact the aging suite of NPS is having on the robustness of decision-making, particularly energy projects.  BEIS review of the Energy NPS is welcomed in the context of the offshore wind extensions and Round 4 projects, with the end of 2021 being ambitious but achievable for adoption.  

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