We are delighted that once again we have been recognised as a leader in clean energy transactions in the Clean Energy Pipeline annual report.

This year we provided a forward for the publication and gave our thoughts on what 2021 is likely to hold and our view is that clients in this space now need advisors who can guide them not only in energy and the regulation surrounding it but who understand how a project or transaction is likely to fit within the whole Net Zero policy.      

Unsurprisingly in our predictions we highlight the resurgence of the onshore wind and solar market as well as the major focus by the UK on offshore wind as a key technology to hit our Net Zero targets. We also talk about the need for increasing energy flexibility assets and that is not just storage. 

But we predict that there will be a renewed push for wider innovative technologies.   If we are going to meet our Net Zero target, we will need many more new technologies and projects on top of solar and wind.   The beauty of some of these innovation projects is also that the UK gets the opportunity to create and keep the jobs, technology and knowhow, which will be an essential part of achieving the much talked about Green Recovery.