An interesting report from Cavendish Advocacy has reminded all advocates of Net Zero, the Government and the private sector that to succeed there is still a long way to go in terms of awareness and support from the public.

What was interesting from the survey carried out was that the majority believe climate change is the top issue that Governments need to focus on notwithstanding Covid.  Despite the headline below, it is also encouraging that the younger generation seemed more aware of climate change and that bodes well for the future.  

The clear message was that the public will support net zero measures but up to a cost point.  Generally people are happy to buy green energy and insulation but if you want the majority to switch to EVs and to upgrade heating systems, cost is likely to prevent the move.  That should not be surprising and ought to focus the mind of Government on providing the necessary stimulus to bridge the gap while the technology develops to a scale and roll out where prices drop and it becomes a norm in the public's mind.  

Decarbonising homes and transport seems to be viewed as the largest challenge but we know through our own transport practice that the sector, particularly on the rail and road side, is very active in looking at solutions and with hydrogen and other clean fuels, the aviation and shipping subsectors are starting the journey!  

Lastly it was interesting to note that 40% of people said they are likely to change their diets to reduce personal impact on climate change.  Diet change and what lead the Government should take on this was a subject of discussion at one of our Net Zero roundtables with our food and agriculture team and this looks like quite a high percentage at this stage of the debate.