The Construction Leadership Council has published the cross industry Construct Zero - Performance Framework.

Construct Zero is a framework motivating construction businesses to action and to help those outside the sector understand the progress that is being made.

Nine priorities are modelled from the Climate Change Committee Sixth Carbon Budget

Construct Zero addresses Transport, Buildings and Construction activity to set measures that can be tracked industry wide to benchmark performance and as a challenge to inspire improvement.

Progress is tracked against each of the nine headline priorities:

  1. Accelerating the shift of the construction workforce to zero emission vehicles and onsite plant
  2. Optimise the use of Modern Methods of Construction and improved onsite logistics, in doing so reducing waste and transport to sites 
  3. Championing developments and infrastructure investments that both enable connectivity with low carbon modes of transport and design to incorporate readiness for zero emission vehicles 
  4. Work with Government to deliver retrofitting to improve energy efficiency of the existing housing stock 
  5. Scale up industry capability to deliver low carbon heat solutions in buildings, supporting heat pump deployment, trials of hydrogen heating systems and heat networks 
  6. Enhancing the energy performance of new and existing buildings through higher operational energy efficiency standards and better building energy performance 
  7. Implementing carbon measurement, to support our construction projects in making quantifiable decisions to remove carbon 
  8. Become world leaders in designing out carbon, developing the capability of our designers and construction professionals to design in line with circular economy - shifting commercial models to reward measurable carbon reductions 
  9. Support development of innovative low carbon materials, as well as advancing low carbon solutions for manufacturing production processes and distribution 

What is particularly interesting is that sitting behind the nine headline priorities are business and project level metrics that will feed into reporting:

  • Reported to Government to demonstrate the sector’s progress 
  • Published on CLC website 
  • Used by the Advisory Board to assess progress & challenge back
  • Feedback to the Programme Board & Task Force on performance and areas of focus