The Constructing Excellence 2021 Annual Conference is one to be involved in. Timing this year - 30 November could not be better, following COP26  and at a time when we can get together face to face (and virtually) to talk about our collective excitement. 

Value ourselves: Creating a supportive and healthy industry

Organisations across the construction sector are fundamentally only as good as the people who want to work with us. Creating the culture in which people thrive is the focus of the first theme of the day. Critically we will hear from Generation4Change (G4C) about what our target workforce want and need post-pandemic in order to feel valued. 

Value our society: Levelling up

The Value Tool Kit from the Construction Innovation Hub is a vital tool to help project decision making. The focus for all of us is very much on Outcomes. The best practice that the Construction Playbook identifies is now beginning to be seen in Central Government Projects with 10% of evaluation against Social Value criteria. Like never before, the mandate to achieve lasting Social Value  is a catalyst for collaboration. Clients, government and private sector need to work collaboratively with the sector. The conference will look at how MMC is being used to drive wider societal value providing opportunities to diversify employment opportunities and how stable working locations and different conditions broaden appeal right across the UK.

Value our Planet: Our role in a sustainable future

I hope that there are not many of us who have not made, or thought about making changes in our personal lives to reflect the need to reduce our personal carbon footprint. Just as we meet personal challenges, our industry is actively facing and addressing challenges too. The transition to net zero and beyond requires new thinking and a fresh approach. The Conference will look at the future trajectory and offer practical examples of projects, programmes and suppliers from the Constructing Excellence community who are leading the way in our Net Zero transition. Be there and be inspired.

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