A useful piece in the FT about the power of sharing...profits. Link below.

The FT editorial line seems to be that even those mercenary and hardnosed private equity types are getting in on the sharing act. Although as anyone who works in the private equity space knows, gain sharing / economic alignment / skin in the game (awful phrase), is and always has been at the core of how equity funds see employee incentivisation and engagement working.

Perhaps the surprise is that the 'ordinary worker' is able to benefit? 

But with the shift away from capital towards labour (people and skill shortages, wage inflation, both the great resignation and the great renegotiation, etc. etc.) no sensible employer can afford to ignore the 'ordinary worker' - if indeed that was ever the case.

We remain competitive by paying less than our competitors” is a dreadful joke. Any employer who continues to think like this will quickly find that the joke is on them.

And if the private equity types teach us anything, rarely, if ever, is the joke on them.