Following its prior consultation (see previous Burges Salmon post), the UK Government has now announced the creation of the Road Safety Investigation Branch (RSIB).  The announcement brings expert, independent and non-fault accident safety investigation to roads in a similar manner that has existed in aviation, rail and marine modes for many years.

The focus of the RSIB will be to improve road safety outcomes (where casualties and fatalities outstrip all other modes annually) and the RSIB will conduct both thematic investigations as well as investigations into specific incidents.  The RSIB will also develop expertise on safety aspects of new and emerging road vehicle technologies such as electric vehicles, self-driving vehicles and e-scooters.

The RSIB will be introduced as part of the UK Government's forthcoming Transport Bill.

The consultation comes off the back of the Government-funded Road Collision Investigation Project undertaken by the RAC Foundation in 2018 and follows preceding work undertaken by the RAC Foundation and Burges Salmon in 2018 in our report "A Highways Accident Investigation Branch – What lessons can be learnt from the rail industry and the Cullen Inquiry?".