As reported in Citywire recently, Gaurav Singh, founder of global start-up investment banking platform JPIN, has identified Family Offices as being crucial for funding the future growth of start-up and scale-up companies. 

The report highlights significant falls in start-up investments this quarter, in both the US and Europe, with venture capitalists increasingly looking at Family Offices as a source to fund future investments. 

Similarly and closer to home, the recent British Venture Capital Association report “Growing Great British Businesses” has also highlighted the important role for those with available capital to play over the coming months. 

The BVCA reported investment from its members nearly doubled between 2020 and 2021, from £9.5 billion to £17.3 billion. However, despite (or because of?) this significant increase, fundraising dropped more than 60% in 2021. The BVCA reports several large buyout firms have been fundraising in 2022 and it will be interesting to see the outcomes of this given this year's multitude of global economic challenges. 

Such trends should therefore put Family Offices in prime position to receive more investment opportunities in funds and companies for the foreseeable future.