In our latest video, our Head of Employment Adrian Martin shares what he thinks will be the top 5 employment law themes for 2023, based on what we’re talking to our clients about and what’s happening in the wider market. Below is a taster of what Adrian covers in the video, which you can watch here.

  1. Cost of living crisis
    As many organisations continue to grapple with financial pressures, the increased support measures many put in place for employees during 2022 may be difficult to sustain. As well as reviewing those measures, we may also see some employers looking at potential restructuring and redundancy programmes.

  2. Industrial action
    The rise in the cost of living could also lead to the potential for increased industrial action, possibly affecting more private sector employers. Employers will therefore need to plan their pay negotiations carefully and ensure that employees understand the reasons behind decisions that affect them.

  3. Hybrid working
    We are likely to see some employers and employees tussling over just how much time employees should spend in the office. Upcoming reforms to the right to request flexible working (including a proposed change to make this a ‘day one’ right) may also have an impact in this area.

  4. Conflicting beliefs
    Recent case law makes it clear that all but very extreme beliefs may be capable of legal protection, so employers will need to think carefully about how to approach conflicts of beliefs.

  5. Revocation of EU-retained law
    Last year the government published a bill to revoke all EU-retained law at the end of 2023 save for any particular law which is specifically retained. Given the extent to which many core UK employment rights derive from EU law, any significant revocation would represent a major change to our employment law landscape.

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