What changes are needed if updating your existing Selection Questionnaire?

In our 'Essential Guide to Changes to the new Selection Questionnaire and associated Guidance' we noted that Contracting Authorities and their e-procurement platform providers will need to make changes to their current Selection Questionnaire to align with the new wording.

In our 'Essential Guide' we also looked at changes in the overarching guidance including: (1) Changes contracting authorities can make to the wording of questions; (2) Meaning of “relying on another organisation” to meet the selection criteria; (3) Seeking information from groups of suppliers: who should respond to the SQ; (4) Amendments to financial questions and checks; (5) When to include the new questions added to Part 3; and (6) When to ask for evidence in support of self-declarations.

However, the make the comparison with the back end just a little bit easier, here is a link to a redline comparing the old and new Selection Questionnaire and an embedded version below:




How can Burges Salmon help?

We are a Band 1 Ranked Procurement Team helping contracting authorities and bidders to navigate the latest changes to procurement law and understand what it means for their current and future procurements.  Our specialist team advise on the full spectrum of contentious and non-contentious procurement issues.


Article by Amy Broddle and Lloyd Nail