Phileas Fogg may have made it round the world in 80 days, but did he ever attempt to make it around the pensions world in a two day conference?

Well I, accompanied by legal experts from across the world, will be doing just that at the International Pension & Employee Benefits Lawyers Association’s (IPEBLA) 2023 conference in Cape Town later this month.

During the conference, which takes place between the 23rd and 24th of March, I will be taking part in an international plenary panel discussion. During this discussion I will cover international considerations regarding UK pensions.

Over the past few years I and the rest of our pensions team have seen a surge of overseas employers and corporates seeking clear and pragmatic views as to the UK pensions regulatory environment. There is an increasing need for clear advice and guidance on UK pensions issues tailored towards international corporates.

As a result, we are soon to launch the latest in our suite of interactive guides designed to aid the understanding of our clients and the wider pensions industry.

This guide will explain UK pensions from the international corporate perspective. In particular, it will cover key issues includes de-risking, M&A, funding, buy out, regulatory powers and auto-enrolment.

Stay tuned for more information about this guide and our other initiatives designed to help overseas parent companies with UK pension schemes.

In the meantime, the plenary session and conference as a whole promises to be a really interesting and informative experience and I am looking forward to meeting pensions specialists from far and wide.