The European Affairs Sub-Committee on the Protocol on Ireland / Northern Ireland (the “Committee”) is conducting an inquiry into the Windsor Framework. As part of the inquiry, the Committee has published a call for evidence. The Committee encourages “… anyone with experience or expertise of the issues under investigation to share their views …”.

The questions posed by the Committee concern the following themes, amongst others:

  • the extent to which the Windsor Framework fixes the problems that arose under the Northern Ireland Protocol;
  • proposals on VAT and excise arrangements;
  • plans in respect of the movement of goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland;
  • the impact on the volume of EU law applicable to Northern Ireland;
  • the operation of the Stormont Brake; and
  • proposals for engagement with Northern Ireland stakeholders.

Oral evidence will be heard from 22 March 2023. The deadline for written submissions is 4pm on 2 May 2023.

For more information :

UK Parliament (Undated) Call for Evidence - Committees - UK Parliament