As a firm we are committed to supporting everyone. When they come to work we want people to feel empowered to be who they are and succeed in their own way. With this in mind we've given every one of our people access to software called Read&Write for Work. A powerful set of inclusive digital tools, they help everyone work with more confidence, accuracy, and efficiency.

The software had previously been offered to people who had asked for additional support. However people don’t always know what support they might need or that they could benefit from it. We wanted to remove any barriers and make it much easier for everyone to access advanced digital inclusion tools - bringing benefits to many different people.

  • For visual learners: Highlights allow you to colour code and collect digital content from multiple sources into one document, so you can capture, summarise, and memorise information with ease.
  • For auditory processors:, Text-to-Speech reads on-screen text out loud so you can choose to process information by listening.
  • For verbal communicators: Dictation converts the spoken word into text, giving you the power to complete written work verbally.

This new approach to software is one way in which the firm is looking at practical and proactive inclusion to support all of our people - supporting colleagues who may be neurodivergent or disabled along the way.