The Certificate of Tax Deposit (“CTD”) scheme enabled taxpayers to deposit money with HMRC, which could later be used to pay certain tax liabilities.  This scheme was not frequently used but could lower late payment charges in a situation such as an enquiry when additional liabilities may become payable.  The scheme also closed to new applicants on 23 November 2017 meaning many taxpayers will not be impacted by upcoming changes.

HMRC have confirmed that they will continue to honour any existing certificates in place until 23 November 2023 (i.e. for those deposits made prior to 23 November 2017), and it is recommended that certificate holders reach out to the CTD team before this date to decide what action to take.

The CTD team can be contacted at HMRC (Certificate of Tax Deposit scheme: enquiries - GOV.UK (  Most taxpayers would likely wish to request a refund of any tax on deposit.

HMRC have said that in cases where tax is under investigation and the investigation is likely to continue beyond 23 November 2023, then HMRC must be contacted to discuss options, including the potential to convert the amount into a payment on account, or to claim a refund.

Further guidance about the scheme can be found here: Pay your tax bill by Certificate of Tax Deposit - GOV.UK (

We stand ready to assist with any CTD queries and to provide advice on how to best “cash-in” a certificate before the deadline.