The FCA has launched a new webpage dedicated to providing information on the sustainability disclosure and labelling regime. The page explains the recent introduction of rules and guidance designed to assist consumers to navigate the sustainable investments market. It provides information on what steps authorised firms should now be taking in order prepare for the milestones ahead. These steps include: considering any claims made about the sustainability of products or services; becoming familiar with the requirements of the new regime; preparing for the forthcoming deadlines; deciding whether any products will be labelled; assessing products against the relevant criteria and requirements; drafting relevant disclosures and implementing new and relevant compliance procedures. The implementation timeline is set out with an infographic showing the key milestones which, for 2024, are:

  • 31 May 2024: the anti-greenwashing rule and guidance come into force;
  • 31 July 2024: labels with accompanying disclosures may be used; and
  • 2 December 2024: the naming and marketing rules come into force.

The webpage provides some practical information on the process to use a label, the display of labels, the scope of the naming and marketing rules and certain exceptions around the use of sustainability related terminology. The information and clarifications provided have been generated, at least in part, in response to common queries and may well provide firms with some useful insight into the regulator's viewpoint as well as some practical tips to consider as they undertake their own analysis and implementation.