The UK's Responsible Technology Adoption Unit (RTAU) (formerly Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation) has published an update on the Algorithmic Transparency Recording Standard (ATRS), including an update repository, updated guidance, and establishment of cohorts to share experiences in using the ATRS.

The aim is that:

The new streamlined process will accelerate adoption of the ATRS among public sector bodies and establish a robust foundation for trust-building, sharing knowledge and continuous process improvement within the public sector landscape. It is a step towards transparency, accountability and responsible AI service delivery.

The UK government announced in its response to the AI regulation White Paper the intention to make using the ATRS a requirement for all central government organisations (see here).  Over 2024, RTAU will be finalising he scope of this requirement including exemptions (e.g. for national security). There is the potential for it to be rolled out more widely in the public sector, also.

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