South Korea and the United Kingdom will host an AI Summit in Seoul in May 2024, following the first AI Summit in Bletchley Park, UK, in November 2023 (see our summary here).

The aims of the Summit are to 

spearhead discussions on AI safety, addressing the potential capabilities of the most advanced AI models, building on the Bletchley Declaration and wider agreements which were reached at the AI Safety Summit in the UK last November

  • which included:
    • commitments from developers on AI safety;
    • continued talks between international governments, AI companies, academia and civil society about AI safety;
    • the first iteration of the International Scientific Report on Advanced AI Safety.

UK government also notes that the Summit builds on the work of the UK's AI Safety Institute which has published its approach to model safety evaluations and signed an agreement with its US equivalent.

Further details will be published in due course.

If you would like to discuss how current or future regulations impact what you do with AI, please contact Tom Whittaker, Brian Wong, Lucy Pegler, David VarneyMartin Cook or any other member in our Technology team.

UK and Republic of Korea to build on legacy of Bletchley Park - GOV.UK (