For anyone who missed the announcement published on Sunday (12 July 2020) by Robert Jenrick, measures are due to be introduced later this week via a written ministerial statement to provide protection for theatres, concert halls and live music performance venues.

The intention is to require local planning authorities to take into account the temporary impact of COVID-19 in the determination of planning applications relating to the change of use, redevelopment or demolition of a theatre, concert hall or live music performance venue until 31 December 2022. This is to ensure that any venues which may fall vacant in the near future are given protection from proposed redevelopment for a sufficient period of time to enable them to potentially reopen under new ownership or management structures when COVID-19 restrictions further ease.

This is another example of a measure taken by the Government to respond to the COVID-19 crisis to assist the planning regime in protecting certain assets of community value, alongside those taken to enhance development opportunities.