In the final interview of our Perspectives on Infrastructure series, Simon Fisher, Finance Director at Banks Group, discusses the role of government in driving forward strategic infrastructure development within the energy sector.

Like other commentators on this subject, Fisher reflects on how the "government needs to create the conditions in which the UK develops infrastructure successfully."  His thoughts are well timed with last weeks announcement on the creation of a much anticipated National Infrastructure Bank as part of the UK's National Infrastructure Strategy, committed to end the “slow adoption of new technology [and] policy uncertainty that undermines private investment”. 

Greater policy certainty alongside clear objectives for achieving net zero will be welcomed by private investors in this sector.  “We all know that it is private investment that drives costs down,” says Fisher, “because equity involvement drives more efficiency which means the technology becomes more ubiquitous and available to consumers. But it does need government help getting it off the ground so that people will invest in the technology; that’s really important.”