Headline news from Edinburgh Airport's new sustainability strategy, published on 23rd June 2021, is that an eleven-acre solar farm will be constructed on its airfield which will produce around 26% of Edinburgh Airport's energy needs.  The project will be part funded by the Scottish Government.  

Interestingly their strategy does not stop at achieving carbon neutrality for the terminal's direct emissions by 2024.  Instead it contains much longer-term objectives which encompass collaboration with the aviation sector and airlines to ensure cleaner and less noisy planes, supporting local businesses, showcasing the best of Scotland and reducing the negative impacts of the airport on surrounding neighbours.

The achievement of these objectives will be measured against key performance indicators and targets, including encouraging the use of electric vehicles at the airport and the establishment of a cleaner engine standard for the airport by 2030.

The strategy also highlights the importance of collaborating with local and national Government, aviation bodies and NGOs to halt climate change - a theme we consistently hear from our clients working towards net zero ambitions.