More than 4,400 jobs have been created in Scotland as a result of foreign inward investment over the past year, new figures reveal, which seeks to further underline the region’s continued attractiveness for investment.

According to the UK Department for International Trade, the figure for 2021/22 represents an increase of 1,163 jobs from the year before - a 36 per cent rise.

There were 119 new projects that benefited from foreign direct investment (FDI) in Scotland in 2021/22, 80 of which were supported by the department or one of its regional or local partners, according to the data.

Paul Browne commented: ‘This is encouraging for inward investment in this part of the UK and we aim to continue to support and work alongside the DIT and investors from across the globe to ensure that Scotland and the UK remain a top choice for investment, despite recent geopolitical challenges.’

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