The Trade Remedies Authority (TRA) has recently launched an anti-dumping investigation into Suspension Poly (vinyl chloride) (S-PVC) originating from the United States of America. The purpose of the investigation is to consider whether it’s in the UK’s economic interest to apply trade remedies in the form of import duties to these products.

If your business imports or deals with S-PVC it's crucial to understand the process, its implications and why your involvement matters. 


What Is Suspension Poly (vinyl chloride) (S-PVC)? 

S-PVC is a versatile synthetic polymer with a wide range of commercial uses across various industries including: 

Construction materials:

Commonly used for pipes, profiles, and other building materials including wall cladding, ceiling panels, and protective coverings. It is also used in electrical insulation for cables and wires. 

Medical products: 

S-PVC's biocompatibility makes it suitable for medical tubing, bags, and containers. 

Automotive industry: 

S-PVC contributes to manufacturing of car interiors including dashboards, door panels, and seat covers. 

Consumer goods: 

Used in a huge variety of consumer items from packaging and upholstery to shower curtains and window frames.


Why should businesses get involved? 

Anti-dumping investigations ensure fair trade practices and by participating, businesses contribute to maintaining a level playing field. TRA's recommendations can lead to remedies benefiting UK industry and consumers. Informed participation helps shape these outcomes. 

S-PVC is a critical material with diverse applications. The TRA relies on evidence provided by domestic industry to make it’s decision so businesses importing or dealing with S-PVC need to actively engage in the TRA's investigation process to safeguard their interests, whether that be to protect the ability to sell fairly priced, domestically produced goods or preserve access to competitively priced materials from overseas.

To find out more about this investigation visit Suspension Poly(vinyl chloride) from United States of America - Trade Remedies Service - GOV.UK (


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The TRA has a number of ongoing investigations into a range of products including steel, ceramics, biodiesel, electric bicycles and even ironing boards. If you have any concerns or questions over foreign trade imports then get in touch with Burges Salmon’s trade experts. We can guide business seeking support with trade remedies or who wish to find out more about the UK process and how to interact with the TRA. 


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