The Trade Remedies Authority (TRA), the UK body that investigates unfair import practices, has in the last week initiated two new transition reviews into anti-dumping measures on imports of aluminium foil and certain ceramic tableware and kitchenware, both focussing on products originating in China.

Aluminium foil, commonly used by caterers, in hotels, restaurants, and also in hair and beauty treatments, is under review. In 2023 total aluminium foil imports were worth over £77 million. The existing tariff on these imports from China, which dates back to 2013, is currently 35.6%. 

A separate review covers certain ceramic tableware and kitchenware products from China including a wide range of common consumer products like plates, baking dishes, bowls, mugs, and cups. 

More detail on the products affected and a timeline of the investigations, including deadlines to register interest, can be found on the TRA website TRA Investigations (


What is the TRA?

The TRA defends the UK against unfair international trade practices by investigating allegations of unfair practices harming UK producers, and unforeseen surges of imports. A transition review assesses whether measures transitioned from EU law to UK law post-Brexit are still needed. 

Anti-dumping duties allow a country to act against goods which are being sold at less than their normal value. The reviews will determine whether the anti-dumping measures are still needed to ensure UK producers can compete fairly. Any businesses involved in the import, distribution, and use of these products may be affected. 

The TRA has a number of ongoing investigations, including both new and transition reviews into anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and safeguards, looking at a range of products including steel, leather, PVC, excavators, bus and lorry tyres, electric bicycles and even ironing boards.


Why TRA investigations matter to UK business

In a world of global supply chains, there are few UK businesses unaffected by imports. Foreign imports may be necessary, or they may be harmful, and the volume, quality, availability and cost of imports may, at different times, have either a positive or a negative effect on a business's ability to operate profitably.

Engaging with the TRA by requesting an investigation be launched or by participating in an ongoing investigation is a vital way to protect your business interests but the process can be complex and time consuming.


How Burges Salmon can help

Our international trade team has worked with companies on TRA investigations and uses this knowledge to advise clients on their approach to investigations, guide them through the process and project manage the submission process. 

If you have any concerns or questions over foreign trade imports or how to engage with the TRA then get in touch. 


Punim Anda 

Director – Trade Remedies 

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