As MIPIM week starts and the property industry head to the South of France for their annual conference, Opportunity London has launched its Investment Prospectus.

It draws together London's “Mega” projects,  a number of which Burges Salmon's development and regeneration team are advising on.   The scale of the opportunity in London is staggering with many development and regeneration projects ready to be invested in.

One of the key takeaways for me from this is the positive impact investment in infrastructure has had (in particular the Elizabeth Line).  It is no surprise that the majority of these new projects “track” (boom boom) the Elizabeth Line.  The area around City Airport, in particular, is likely to see significant investment in the coming months and years.

The initial capital investment needed for new infrastructure does take time to see a return,  but the increase in homes and jobs (not to mention rates and taxes) is worth it for those public bodies that can unlock this and those private sector organisations who have the patience to work with them over the long term.