Further to the Liberal Democrats' manifesto launched on 10 June 2024 (see our post here), the Conservatives have followed with their manifesto on 11 June 2024.

Here are the key points taken directly from the Conservatives' manifesto that are relevant to private wealth immigration:

Key points

  • Going forward, we will raise the Skilled Worker threshold and Family income requirement with inflation automatically to make sure they don’t undercut UK workers.
  • We have taken steps to ensure those coming to the UK do not place a burden on the NHS, by requiring them to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge and increasing this to £1,035. We will go further, in line with other countries, by requiring migrants to undergo a health check in advance of travel and increasing their Immigration Health Surcharge or requiring them to buy health insurance if they are likely to be a burden on the NHS.
  • We will increase all visa fees and remove the student discount to the Immigration Health Surcharge to raise more money for public services.
  • We will introduce a binding, legal cap on migration, set on work and family visas so public services are protected whilst we bring the skills our businesses and the NHS needs. Our cap will be set at a level that explicitly takes into account the costs and the benefits of migration. The cap will fall every year of the next Parliament and cannot be breached. We will give parliament an annual vote on the level of the cap so that the British people can have confidence that immigration numbers will be controlled.


Similar to the Liberal Democrats' manifesto, we note that the Conservatives did not mention an investment-based visa route in their manifesto. 

With regard to the bullet points above, there are practical and operational issues to consider, for example: 

  • If the Skilled Worker threshold and Family income requirement will rise with inflation automatically, then which figure will be used for the subsequent visa extension and Indefinite Leave to Remain applications?
  • Applicants who are resident in certain countries already have to undergo tuberculosis screening at an approved clinic when they apply for a UK visa.  Will the applicant be required to buy health insurance from a specified provider, in addition to existing health insurance?  
  • Even if the cap on work and family visas operates on a monthly basis, it is likely to cause a flurry of applications at the beginning of each cycle, and create more uncertainties on timing and planning for employers and families.     

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