The Rt Hon Kwasi Kwarteng MP, Minister of State for Business, Energy and Clean Growth, spoke of the "big role" that both green and blue hydrogen must play in delivering net zero at the launch of the Hydrogen Taskforce's new report "The Role of Hydrogen in Delivering Net Zero".  The well attended event at the Houses of Parliament also heard from Jacob Young, MP for Redcar, and Chair of the Hydrogen All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), and a number of Hydrogen Taskforce members.

The report contains five clear policy recommendations to deliver a thriving hydrogen economy in the UK:

  1.  Development of a cross-departmental Hydrogen Strategy within UK Government.
  2. Commitment by Government of £1bn over the next Spending Review Period to hydrogen production, storage and distribution projects.
  3. Development of financial support for the production of hydrogen for blending into the gas grid, industrial use, power generation and transport.
  4. Amendment of Gas Safety Management Regulations (GSMR) to enable hydrogen blending into the UK Gas Grid and take the next steps towards 100% hydrogen heating through supporting public trials and mandating hydrogen-ready boilers by 2025.
  5. Collaboration to establish 100 hydrogen refuelling stations (HRS) by 2025 to support the roll-out of hydrogen transport.

These recommendations echo the demands of clients and contacts that we are speaking with in the hydrogen economy (and indeed some of our clients and contacts sit on the Hydrogen Taskforce).  There is strong industry enthusiasm to invest in a hydrogen economy in the UK but it does need Government to support this through policy levers.  It is a well thought through report : let's hope we now see action.