I was slightly disappointed to see that the government is "reviewing the case" - usually a euphemism for taking about 2-3 years to decide - for reform of the need for witnessing of wills in the current circumstances.   Given that Scotland already allows wills to be witnessed by videoconferencing, would it not be easy - as a temporary measure - to import Scottish law and procedure into English law during the current lockdown?  Or are elderly English testators somehow more vulnerable to video-conferencing than their Scottish equivalents?

(I might add that it is unclear that witnessing by video-conference doesn't already work in England - the Law Commission report on the subject indicated that the law is currently unclear and that video-conferencing <u>may</u> already be acceptable.)

The government should act on this issue now with a temporary relaxation - as the danger of elderly individuals finding it difficult to change their Wills is surely the greater risk at the moment.