In addition to identifying the appropriate immigration route to come to the UK, you should also consider pre-arrival tax planning before your relocation. Here are our top 10 tax tips on moving to the UK:

  1. The UK has an odd tax year. It runs from 6 April to 5 April. Take tax advice well in advance – preferably before the previous 31 December.
  2. There are different immigration options. Check these carefully and make sure you have the right visa.
  3. Is there tax on leaving your previous country? Are there emigration formalities?
  4. You may need several bank accounts outside the UK. Liaise with your bank in good time.
  5. Do you have trusts, foundations or companies? These will need reviewing.
  6. Are you renting or buying a property? You need to consider funding and tax options.
  7. Review your business and employment arrangements.
  8. Arrange schools well in advance of September.
  9. Check your domicile and its implications – this is different to residence or immigration status.
  10. Have you previously been UK resident (including as a student)? There may be tax or other hangovers to consider.



  1. 英国有一个独特的纳税年度。相关纳税年度为4月6日至4月5日。最好在相关纳税年度之前的12月31日前寻求税务建议。
  2. 英国提供不同的移民选择。请仔细检查并确保您拥有正确的签证。
  3. 您离开您的居住国需要缴税吗?有相关的移民手续吗?
  4. 您可能需要在英国境外拥有和保留几个银行帐户。请及时与您的银行联络。
  5. 您有信托,基金或公司吗?这些将需要周密考虑和税务规划。
  6. 您会在英国租房还是买房?您需要考虑资金和税收选择。
  7. 查看您的商务和劳务安排。
  8. 在9月之前为您的子女安排学校。
  9. 检查您的“户籍”(domicile)及其含义 – 这是英国税法下的独特概念,与居住地或移民身份不同。
  10. 您以前是否曾是英国居民(包括以学生身份来英)? 可能需要考虑税收或其他后果。